Nature’s Green® Organic Base Fertilizer


Concentrated Liquid Foliar

Benefits of Using Nature’s Green® Liquid Fertilizer

When it comes to our Organic Base Lawn fertilizer, there are a lot of reasons to choose a our liquid product over a granular option. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using our liquid fertilizer.

Highly Concentrated

Because Nature’s Green® Liquid Fertilizer is concentrated, you get a lot of use out of a 1 Lire bottle. This saves you money and is a lot easier to carry around than a comparable amount of granular fertilizer. Another benefit to a highly concentrated form of our fertilizer is you can dilute it to suit your needs. While each product is different, most have a higher starter application with lower maintenance applications throughout the season.

Easy to Apply

A lot of these products attach directly to a garden hose for easy application. Others are designed to be added directly to irrigation systems and some require a separate sprayer. However it’s applied, liquid fertilizer gives a uniform, even coverage that granular fertilizer does not. Our liquid fertilizer is also a much better way to cover large areas of land. Because it applies evenly, you can rest assured that one side of your lawn will get just as much fertilizer as the other.

Works Quickly

Our liquid fertilizer delivers nutrients to both the roots and the surface of the grass so they’re absorbed quickly. Granular fertilizer, on the other hand, does not provide anything to leaves of grass and can take time to take effect in the soil. Some of these most important nutrients for lawns have to be carried to the root and the only way to do that is by watering them in. Since liquid fertilizers are mixed with water, you can save time by feeding your lawn and giving it the water it needs at the same time.


Nature’s Organic Fertilizer

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✔Feeds for greener grass without promoting fast growing periods
✔Safe for KIDS, PETS, US and our PLANET
✔Apply to any grass type in the spring, summer and fall months
✔Fertilizer guaranteed not to stain when used as directed
✔OK to re-enter lawn immediately after product applied and dried

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